Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Relevant Discord - EP ★★★★

Relevant Discord is a band based in Southern Oregon, U.S.A., with regular frontman Nicholas Depew and a rotation of other musicians. We reviewed Dual Singles, a well-recorded EP from 'the studio team that introduced the world to TOOL and System Of A Down,' namely Sylvia Massy and Rich Veltrop. You can stream and purchase the EP from their website.

The first track on the EP is titled The Days Of Deferment. Starting off with just a piano playing a basic tune, it builds up to a strong guitar and drum intro. The vocals are well suited to the song, reminding us a little of 12 Stones. A huskier backing vocal (Nickelback-esk) compliments the lead as the chorus kicks in. There is a nice incorporation of orchestral instruments, primarily a violin if we are not mistaken, which works very well. The instrumental is another firm piece of music, making this a fantastic song.

The second track is The Refrain, a slower effort but with confident, clear vocals and definite drum beat during the first verse. The chorus is similar to the first tracks in that it is built up to and is powerful, with orchestral instruments thrown back in. It has a very interesting bridge section, where the vocals get harsher and the music is more dynamic.

This band would go down well with fans of Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, even HIM. They have very nice and fairly unique lead vocals, as well as a rare use of orchestral intruments that were well recorded on this EP, and I can see the band doing well. It would possibly be advantageous if the band had more than one regular member, as currently it seems less like a band and more like a solo artist. Not a big deal and makes no noticeable difference on the EP, but could work out better for touring as people pay to see the whole band. Regardless of band set-up, the EP sounded amazing, and could only have been improved if there were more tracks or if it had been a complete album.

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